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Villa Tempera touches your heart and soul with natural beauty and simple comfort.
Luxuriate in this private refuge, savor the quiet, explore the time-honored island life and hospitality in the family vineyards and Konobas of VIS.



Spend hours basking in the sun and colors of VIS on the private terraces of the Villa or explore the many hidden treasures of life on VIS and surrounding islands.


Villa Tempera is a private sanctuary for a romantic get away. . . or the perfect seaside setting to enjoy the sun and sea with family and friends . . . pristine coastline with sandy beaches. . . still untouched island lifestyle . . . gourmet tours with organic food and superb wine – all on one of Croatia’s most beautiful and unspoilt locations, the sleepy island of VIS is the “Secret Garden” of Croatia.


ImageImageVilla Tempera achieves perfect balance in indoor/outdoor living.

Visit Villa Tempera in our Photo Gallery.